Top 5 trends (desires) of individuals remodeling their home for Aging in Place living.

I am sure the list of most popular Aging in Place (AIP) remodeling projects for a contractor in Long Beach California doesn't look anything similar to the top list from a AIP remodeler in Concord New Hampshire.  You can probably understand that climate, culture, age of home, and many more elements determine the necessary modifications required to have a successful Aging in Place remodel.  Guess what, my list looks different also.  Following are the top 5 projects that I've performed in Chattanooga area homes for the past 18 months.

The first and most requested modification I've seen is to have a barrier free entryway into the home.  The following are a examples of the type of work I'm speaking of; platform lifts in the garage, excavating  & landscaping to produce a sidewalk that has a gradual incline to the front door( more aesthetically appealing than a ramp), pressure treated ramp into the back door, and building a minor transition ramp that takes away that 2" difference between the front porch and the door threshold. 


The next 2 projects that I frequently see pertain to the bathroom.  Installing a ADA / Comfort height toilet or raising an existing toilet is very common.  Also, replacing a standard tub/shower combo with either a barrier free shower or a walk-in tub.  Most appealing to my clients has been the method that we use to recess the shower floor resulting in a seamless (truly barrier free) transfer from the bathroom floor to the shower floor. 

Another  popular modification revolves around the ability to live entirely on the main floor of the home.  This type of project would entail widening of doorways and/or  transforming  a room, such as a formal living room or dining room, into a master suite. 

Coming in at #5 and the last trend I'll mention has to do with convenience items related to everyday living activities.  The 2 main locations where we make these modifications are the bathroom and kitchen.  For the bathroom it involves things like; adjusting counter heights, modifying cabinets to allow for seated use or wheelchairs,

replacing faucets and door knobs with ones that are easier to use, and installing grab bars for safety.  In the kitchen we have also adjusted counter tops, relocated or changed appliances, added light fixtures for enhanced vision, and installed devices which allow for use of all the cabinet area.


Now that you have an idea of the types of improvements that will assist with remaining independent and help improve the quality of live for you or a loved one,  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Reach out today and start preparing for your retirement home. 

I know what you're thinking, "I don't need those things now, I'm not experiencing any challenges in my home."  Let me remind you of one thing, IT"S BETTER TO BE PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE.  At a minimum, be sure to add Aging in Place planning into your retirement strategy.

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That's my 2 cents!