Retirement - You sit and spend hours fantasizing of retirement living; splashing in the surf at your beach home, enjoying the tranquility of your mountain hideaway, socializing with fellow house boaters as you make the docks your new home.  They're differ for each one of us but truth be told, after much consideration, it's typically determined your desires are to stay exactly where you are at, no downsizing, no pulling up roots, now making all new friends.  You want to AGE in PLACE.

It's quite clear, you're familiar with the area, your core group of friends visit routinely, the neighbors are like family, you can continue doing what you've always done.  You're just comfortable. 

Those who have decided to age in place enjoy the many benefits.           Remaining in your current environment tends to promote more activity, both physical and mental, resulting in better overall health.  The least amount of disruption to your usually lifestyle and traditions promotes continued  happiness and joy.   The thought  of not having that continual drain of your financial resources re-assures your confidence in the ability to maintain a certain level of comfort and quality of life.  The list goes on..... 


  • 91% of seniors want to Age in Place (MetLife Insurance Company)
  • 82% of seniors needing day to day assistance would prefer to stay in the own home (AARP)
  • $42,300 average cost of assisted living, private - one bedroom in Tennessee  (Genworth Financial)
  • $71,540 average cost of nursing home, private  in Tennessee (Genworth Financial)